The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary - Expansion 1: What Lies Ahead

Dice Rolling Game|Movies|Zombies|Miniature|Horror

Type : Thematic
Ages : Ages 15 and Up
players : 1 - 4 Players
Playtime : 60 - 120 minutes
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1,700 บาท
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ซองใส่การ์ด Sleeves: PP ขนาด 63.5x88mm

PRODUCT description

Hope is fading. The walkers seem to have devoured all sign of life and civilization. But you have no choice but to press on, if only to survive one more day. The chaos of Atlanta lies behind you—a horrid nightmare that continues to haunt your group. But what lies ahead? What Lies Ahead is an exciting expansion to The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary, taking players from the grim streets of Atlanta and its surrounding environs to the rustic and secluded landscapes of the countryside. However, peace will not be found easy. With scenarios that pull from season two of the AMC’s hit show, The Walking Dead, this expansion takes players on a dangerous search for a missing member of the group, a desperate mission into an overrun school, and other iconic dilemmas that’ll put the group’s fading hopes to the ultimate test. Featuring new mechanics for stealth, fire, and even flaming walkers, What Lies Ahead adds a variety of new ways to face the horrors of The Walking Dead! No. of Cards : 111 Sleeves Size : 63.5x88
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