พิซซ่ามาสเตอร์ (Pizza Master)  

Card Game|Worker Placement|Set Collection

Type : Strategy
Ages : Ages 8 and Up
players : 2 - 5 Players
Playtime : 30 - 60 minutes
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ซองใส่การ์ด Sleeves: PP ขนาด 59x92mm

PRODUCT description

Pizza Master was the master chef of Wizards of Pizza, once known as the best pizza restaurant in the world. However, after the master chef mysteriously disappeared, its reputation has been on the decline. To reclaim number one spot, all talented Pizza Trainees assemble and hold a COMPETITION. The one who is truly skilled and able to earn the most reputation will be named the next “Pizza Master”. Pizza Master is a strategy board game for 2-5 players. You are one of the Wizards of Pizza trainees who aspire to become the Pizza Master. Your job is to buy ingredients, collect the ones you want, and make pizzas to earn reputation points. What makes these seemingly simple tasks challenging is that ingredients might run out as trainees all share the same refrigerator. Moreover, greedy rookies who bite off more than they can chew will be punished for wasting ingredients. As you are one of the Pizza Trainees, don’t let this chance flies away. Plan your menu well to prove that you are worthy of the title Pizza Master! “…Fire up your spirits, all the Pizza Trainees…” Pizza Master can be played in 3 different modes, with increasing difficulties: Beginner, Trainee, and Master. Game-play overview (in Beginner mode) : A game is played in rounds until a trainee reaches 50 reputation points. A round consists of 6 phases. (1) Start the day - Each trainee draws 4 pizza menu cards. (2) Shopping - In turn order, each trainee takes 4 coins and must spend them to buy ingredients (cheese, vegetable, seafood and meat). After all trainees finish shopping, all ingredients go to the shared refrigerator (the centre of the board). (3) Collecting - In reverse turn order, each trainee takes turns collecting one ingredient token from the board to their own cooking tray. Once you pass, you cannot take any more ingredient token for this round. BE CAREFUL IT'S SHARED REFRIGERATOR THAT OTHER TRAINEES CAN PICK YOURS (4) Making Pizzas - Trainees make as many pizzas as they can by spending ingredient tokens that are required on pizza menu cards. (5) Scoring - Trainees are rewarded reputation points for completed pizza menu cards. The total is then subtracted by the number of unused ingredient tokens on the cooking tray. (6) End of the day - Trainees discard all ingredient tokens. The turn order is then re-determined by reputation points. Special rules : 1.Beginner mode : no special rule. 2.Trainee mode : Objective Cards, reserving and exchanging ingredient mechanics. 3.Master mode : Trainee Mode + Daily Missions, and all trainees SHARE Pizza Menu Cards! No. of Cards : 92 Sleeves Size : 59x92
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