Lord of the Fries Superdeluxe

Card Game

Type : Family
Ages : Ages 12 and Up
players : 3 - 8 Players
Playtime : 30 - 60 minutes
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Price :
1,000 บาท500 บาท
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ซองใส่การ์ด Sleeves: PP ขนาด 57x89mm

PRODUCT description

Game Synopsis: Lord of the Fries is a thematic sequel to Give Me The Brain!. It takes place at the same restaurant, has the same cast of characters, and requires roughly the same equipment. But the game is entirely different. Players choose orders (sometimes randomly, sometime not) from the figuratively colorful Friedey's menu, and try to fill them with cards from their hands. Some orders are easy, like the Cowabunga. One Cow Meat, one Bun. Some are a little harder, like the Chickabunga Conga: same as a Chickabunga (Bird Meat plus Bun), plus Fries and a Drink. Sound easy? Now try your hand at a Lord of the Fries, a Meat Munch, or the infamous Patriarch (Fish Meat, Cheese, Bun, Fries, Drink, and the oft-maligned Strawberry Pie). Mechanics: Auction Hand Management No. of Card : 107 Sleeves size: 57X89
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