Kakerlaken Salat (Cockroach Salad)

Card Game|Dexterity

Type : Party
Ages : Ages 6 and Up
players : 2 - 6 Players
Playtime : 10 - 30 minutes
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600 บาท
PRODUCT description

n Cockroach Salad players create a common salad packed with lettuce, peppers, tomatoes and cauliflower – but they won't always be saying which ingredient they're adding to the bowl! The 128 cards – 120 vegetable cards in the four types and eight "taboo" vegetable cards, two of each type that bear cockroaches – are shuffled and divided among the players. On a turn, a player plays the top card from his deck onto the central pile of cards, naming the vegetable as he plays it, e.g., "Pepper!" – except in the following situations: • If his vegetable matches the previously played vegetable, the player must lie. • If his vegetable matches the claim made by the previous player (perhaps because that player lied), then the player must lie. • If he plays a taboo card, he shouts "Cockroach!" and the next player starts a new pile next to the first one so that the taboo card remains visible. • If his vegetable matches a visible taboo card, he must lie. Make a mistake or stumble or hesitate too long, and a player must pick up all cards played to that point in the game. The first player to run out of cards wins! Can be combined with Kakerlakensuppe. No. of cards : 128 Sleeves Size : 43x80

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